Thank You Teachers, Students Give a Note of Appreciation for Teachers

Students share their stories about how certain teachers around De Soto have impacted them.


Monday, May 8th kicks off the long-awaited teacher appreciation week. Every first full week of May, students around the nation share their appreciation for teachers who made a positive impact on their life.

During those five days students typically write thank you notes to teachers, make gifts, and overall share their gratitude to their teachers.

The De Soto Green Pride staff asked students around the school about the teachers who made a difference in their life.

Junior Bryanna Burgos shared that one of her favorite teachers is math teacher, Mrs. Lehrman. Lehrman has helped her to better understand math while also having fun in the classroom.

“Math has always been a challenge for me, but once I was put into Mrs. Lehrman’s math class, I was able to have a better understanding of math,” Burgos said. “Her positive attitude affects me to look at math with a positive outlook.” 

Riley Johnson, a freshman said English teacher, Mrs. Sinclair makes English easier to understand and more enjoyable.

“She always listens to me and I’m always able to freely ramble to her. She’s super kind and has made this year’s English class feel like a breeze,” Johnson said.

Transferring in her junior year, Ava Duby was excited about the new atmosphere and staff. During her first semester, she met Spanish teacher, Mr Rivera.

“I appreciate how Mr. Rivera has been so accepting to all of his students. He’s been supportive of my academic career at De Soto,” Duby said.

Ringo Larson, junior, has named Mr. Gandy as one of their favorite teachers due to how understanding he is.

“Woodworking has always been fun with Mr. Gandy. He really works with you and supports you all the way through. He’s willing to help make things easier. His one-on-one help has really influenced my skills as a carpenter.”

During May 8-12, students can give back the same energy that teachers give to them. This week is to celebrate and thank the faculty members in your life. Even without a gift, a student can always share a simple note of appreciation for their teachers.