Is California worth the hype?


Abby Campbell, Editor In Chief

We all know the stereotype of California: rich, well-known movie stars walking along the sidewalks of Los Angeles with red carpets everywhere. Even I believed that stereotype — at least until I actually got there. 

After being told in late July by my mom and dad that we would fly out to see my 23-year-old brother in California, I had no idea what to make of it. Jack had always told us stories about the traffic, people and chaos that circled his tiny apartment in Los Angeles (that he happened to share with three other people). 

It was only until I landed and drove out of the LAX airport that I realized what my family had gotten us into. From the six lanes of traffic to the houses that were nearly stacked on top of each other, California is entirely different from the movies. 

Half of the time we were in California, there was nowhere to even park. When Jack showed us around we often would walk blocks just to end up at our destination. The idea that there will be famous people everywhere is also a joke (besides my encounter at the airport with Travis Kelce, but that’s a story for a different day). 

Even though California is entirely different from how many interpret it, including me, it actually has so much to offer that is interesting. From Beverely Hills to Calabasas, the temperatures actually change from what is called the “marina layer to the valley.” It is hard to know what to wear in California as there are times I was freezing and others I was drenched in sweat. 

Although most of the time every street is seemingly congested, there is so much to do and a variety of different foods to try. From local businesses to the iconic In-N-Out Burger, my family never had issues with a lack of variety. 

Most importantly, being outside is amazing. Mountains, oceans and nature of all sorts surround California. It is also fascinating to see sunrises and sunsets spread across the city. 

Regardless of not being able to see famous folk (and getting free parking), California isn’t all that bad. I would definitely come back here again. When it comes to recommending it to other people, have patience. The amount of road rage you or a family member will experience is indescribable. 

Additionally, make sure to bring a variety of clothes. One minute you’ll think winter clothes are the way to go until you realize 15 minutes later that you’ve taken off three layers. 

To sum it all up, go to California if you can. It is a really cool experience and there is a lot of stuff to do. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see somebody off of that Netflix TV show you love.