Upcoming Graduation and Goodbyes

Taken from usd232.org.  DHS Wildcats logo

Taken from usd232.org. DHS Wildcats logo

Jack McCracken , Staff/Writer

With graduation coming up, De Soto High School  seniors are faced with a hard goodbye as they move onto the next steps of their lives.

“The biggest thing I am going to take from De Soto is how important it is to appreciate your community, and I am blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people that have gone above and beyond at DHS,” senior Mackenzie Leisten said.

As the class of 2021 moves forward, they have received an opportunity to pursue whatever they would like to in life.

“I am looking forward to the future because I think we have all been given a great opportunity to be successful in our lives,” senior Kyle Smith said.

The class of 2021 will leave behind a legacy, an imprint of all their achievements and successes that previous classes will look up to.

“The ’21 class has been an incredible collection of kids that have represented DHS so well, not only athletically, but in all of our extracurriculars and throughout our community,” teacher Ryan Robie said.

The class of 2021 has gone through and experienced many different situations. From constant schedule changes to the possible cancellation of prom, several activities were cancelled or improvised due to COVID-19. 

“The advice I would give future students is to go out to school events with your friends.  You make some of your lifelong memories at dances, games, or other activities,” senior Weston Madden said. 

As we prepare to say goodbye to another great graduating class at De Soto, they will take what they have learned from their school, community and family and apply it to what their future holds.