Online vs. In-person


students in online class over zoom

Ashton Hoffman, Staff reporter

This school year has been anything but consistent, with students having to adapt to new learning environments time and time again. With the current environment being in-person and optional remote, students have had the chance to experience all types of different styles of learning. 

While students got to experience all the different styles of learning, many got to experiment with the learning style that suits them best.

“Personally I like in-person learning better,” junior Zander Barkeymeyer said.  “I’ve definitely learned more [with] in-person due to the one-on-one interactions I can have with my teachers.”

The constantly changing schedule and learning environment are very different from previous school years. Since going to fully in-person, students finally get a chance to stick to one learning style for more than a couple of months. 

“I’ve learned not to get too attached to any particular learning style due to the probability that I will be let down again,” Barkemeyer said

Although in-person learning has been in effect for a few months, many still question if it was the right move or if it was rushed. 

“I think now that everything is [slightly] dying down, in-person was the right decision,” Barkemeyer said. 

However, junior Logan Boehm believes the opposite and thinks that it was a rash decision made by the district.

“I think the district made a mistake sending us all back together. I get emails every other day that I had a low-risk exposure,” Boehm said

Although Boehm felt the decision to switch back into the in-person learning environment was rushed, he still thinks that baby steps are being made to have the school experience go back to how it used to be.

“I’m glad that there was even an opportunity to go back, I feel we’re one step closer to the world going back to normal.” 

While most students would rather spend their learning time in bed and wake up five minutes before their class, some like the formality of in-person schooling. 

“I like that I can interact with people and ask my teachers questions without having everybody see me as they can on zoom,” Barkemeyer said