How COVID-19 is Affecting the District and Schedule

USD232 website- Visual explaining the options for learning this year

USD232 website- Visual explaining the options for learning this year

Jack McCracken , Staff/Writer

COVID-19 has completely changed how the course of this school year was intended to go.  De Soto High School has moved classes to complete remote-learning, which students have gradually been getting used to.

“I miss seeing my classmates, especially the A-K group, which I have not seen all school year, but I know the school is just doing what’s best for us,” senior Mackenzie Leisten said.

Many classes such as gym, weights and conditioning and nutrition and wellness  have had to completely change the way their class is formatted due to being all online.

“My Lifetime Sports class is really different because we can’t play any games together like we normally would,” senior Weston Madden said.

The challenge doesn’t only come to students, teachers have had to completely restructure their teaching. One major component to the school year being how to use Zoom, an online application that students are required to use to be in class.

“I really miss being with my students and I think students and teachers face significant challenges with online learning,” said Family and Consumer Sciences  teacher Caroline Friday.

Freshmen have also been struggling with the new schedule and the change from hybrid to remote.  They haven’t been able to make the most of their high school experience. Many freshmen did not have the opportunity to make strong connections with their teachers, let alone meet their entire graduating class. 

“I want to be in school because I haven’t really met any of my new classmates yet,” freshman Bennett Hutchison said.

Although school has recently been moved to completely remote, students and teachers are doing their best to keep everyone safe.

“This is new to everyone, but if everyone continues to work together we will be able to solve this problem faster,” Leisten said.