DHS athletes trying to stay in shape during COVID-19


Jackson Miller throwing a football

Jack McCracken , Staff/Writer

As COVID-19 has brought  everything to a halt, many De Soto High School students are dealing with the loss of their upcoming sport seasons.

“When the season was cancelled I was bummed, but I understand that keeping everyone safe is more important,” said varsity baseball junior Weston Madden..

The cancellation of the spring sports season has not stopped some DHS students from keeping up with their skills during this unplanned off-season.  

“I’ve been really focused on getting bigger for football. I’ve been working out in my basement a lot,” junior quarterback Jackson Miller said.

With many at home workouts available, many students refuse to let  quarantine be an excuse to get out of shape.  

“Coach King has been putting out plenty of exercises for anyone in weights. I think the kids who want to work harder will come out stronger than the kids who don’t,” Miller said.

An issue arises for some students who don’t have the luxury of weights at home.  Also, with it being unsafe to workout anywhere other than home.  Junior Carson Sturdy has been utilizing the outdoors. 

“I absolutely do not think that this virus is an excuse to stop running and not stay in shape. In the running community, many of the athletes are doing some of their highest mileage weeks with all of the extra time,” Sturdy said.

Overall, students still have the option to workout, even with being subjected to staying at home. Those of DHS students continuing to strengthen themselves throughout the pandemic will be ready to return to the playing ground once it is safe to return.