Wildcat of the week: Adam Kellogg

Sophomore Adam Kellogg poses with his guitar.

Sophomore Adam Kellogg poses with his guitar.

Hunter Finerty, Staff Reporter

From participating in numerous De Soto High School theatrical productions to singing in a prestigious audition-only choir, performance is certainly the strong suit of this DHS student.

Sophomore Adam Kellogg has participated in all four musicals and plays that have occurred in his high school career, as well as other productions outside of school. Kellogg has been everything from a member of the chorus in Cinderella, to supporting characters like Harry the Horse in Guys and Dolls at DHS.

“I love playing weird and fun characters, and Harry the Horse was definitely that,” Kellogg said.

He feels like playing this character in the most recent DHS musical has allowed him to become more comfortable around other performers while becoming more confident on stage.

Kellogg has also performed outside of school in a production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in which he played main character Dr. Jekyll. He also participated in Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None in a behind the scenes role, and he plans to participate in several shows in the future.

“Our next show [Mamma Mia] is what I’m most excited for … I love learning patience and hard work through rehearsals and meetings,” Kellogg said.

Aside from performing in plays and musicals, Kellogg sings with a prestigious private choir called Allegro con Brio. This year, the choir has collaborated with the KC Symphony and they plan to perform at The Visitation on the Plaza, which is Kellogs favorite show.

“My Allegro family is supportive, and I love them so much. Those people get me through everything,” he said.

Kellogg has also taken a leadership role in the DHS Gay-Straight Alliance.

“We’re focusing on positivity and self-love this year, and we hope to have some get-togethers, including a pride night about loving who you are, no matter if you’re LGBT or straight,” Kellogg said.

After high school, Kellogg hopes to pursue nursing in college. He hopes to become an EMT and to eventually adopt a child.