Taylor Ellis spikes her way to the top

Camryn Robbinson, Staff Reporter

   For sophomore Taylor Ellis, volleyball is an everyday thing, inside and outside of school. From beach volleyball, to club and to regular school volleyball, Ellis a vast amount of experience.

   Volleyball has been pulsing through Ellis’ blood since the second grade, making this  her eighth year playing.

   Ellis has played every position in volleyball except setter.

   “Currently for the school I am a middle [blocker] and for club, I’m an outside [hitter],” Ellis said.

   Ellis’ freshman year of playing volleyball for De Soto High School, landed herself a spot on varsity and has been playing ever since.

   “My experience on varsity as a freshman was amazing. All of the girls were so welcoming and sweet and I really felt apart of something, like we were all one big family,” Ellis said.

   The DHS volleyball team is currently 16-2, both losses against Lansing High School.

   “It is a bummer, but it exposed a lot of our weaknesses and left room for improvement,” Ellis said.

  Ellis is also busy with beach volleyball, which is her favorite of all three teams she plays on.

   “As for beach I am partners with Emma Fox and we travel the country playing tournaments as well,” Ellis said.

   When it comes to college, Ellis prefers playing beach volleyball rather than indoor, although she enjoys both. She sees herself playing for many more years to come.

Jill Ellis
Sophomore Taylor Ellis posses after winning 1st place at the Colorado Crossroads National Qualifier