Wildcat of the Week: Camille Poulain

Wildcat of The Week is back! We use Wildcat of The Week to showcase the most unique and interesting of our students weekly on Mondays. This week’s WOTW is sophomore Camille Poulain.

Rachael Hopkins, Staff Reporter

The halls of De Soto High School are full of diverse students that enjoy many different hobbies, one of them being Camille Poulain.

Poulain volunteers once a month at the local De Soto branch of the Johnson County library.

Poulain first began to volunteer during the summer of 2015 when she attended a camp called CIY Move.

“I went to a camp over the summer called CIY Move. One of the things they did at the end of the week is hand out  cards to the campers that challenge you to do something cool that you may not usually do,” Poulain said.

The challenge cards include various activities that different individuals could do to help better their community.

“Things like give away half of your clothes to the poor or go help out at homeless shelters,” Poulain said. “Mine said to help out at the library so I did.”

Poulain also does other types of volunteering jobs as well as the library.

“Occasionally I will go and help out with things that are happening at my church. Those are usually pretty sporadic, so sometimes it is homeless shelters or soup kitchens or things like that,” Poulain said.

Poulain also enjoys making a difference in her community by giving her time through different activities.

“I get to meet a lot of cool new people and form a lot of new relationships. I don’t know how that impacts them but I know it is affecting me positively,” Poulain said.

According to Poulain, volunteering will help in the long run because it helps to gain job experience.

“Overall I have learned that books are more important to the community than people realize. They impact people of all ages, especially children,” Poulain said.