Student Council takes field trip

Rachael Hopkins, Staff Reporter

The De Soto High School Student Council members attended an informational meeting at Paola High School on Jan. 25. The purpose of the event was for high school student councils in the Frontier League to share and create ideas amongst each other.

The meeting included a guest speaker that spoke on skills, how to adapt and other aspects of  being a well-rounded leader of the school.

Sophomore STUCO representative Joise Bedford said that her favorite part of the event was the speaker.

“I think that [the speaker] was my favorite part just because of how much of a fun talk it was. We all kind of learned how to communicate better rather than just say, here is this information,” Bedford said.

Sophomore STUCO representative Mason Taulbee’s agreed that his favorite part was the guest speaker at the event.

“[My favorite part was] probably listening to the speaker because she really made since with what she said. Now we have different perspectives on a lot more things that we can add on to what we do,” Taulbee said.

The meeting also included an event called “swap shop,” where students shared their ideas for spirit days and pep assemblies.

“We get to see what the other schools do for pep assemblies and spirit days. [Everyone had] a lot of good ideas,” STUCO sponsor Katie Meserko said.

According to Meserko, the DHS STUCO shared many ideas that other schools thought were neat.

“I think they took away from [the meeting] how we show videos at our assemblies. A lot of them didn’t do that from the feedback I got,” Meserko said.

Many of the STUCO representatives were pleased with the outcome and think that the meeting greatly benefitted them, along with bringing new ideas to get more of the DHS student body and staff involved in spirit weeks or school events.

“We want as much school participation as we can get.  We get to see what they [other schools] do to gain school spirit and what they do to have people involved.  Things like what went well at their school that way we can try it,” Meserko said.

Every year this informational meeting is held at a different school. The meeting for the 2016-17 school year will be held at Spring Hill High School according to Meserko.