Wildcat of the Week: Raegen Ramsdell

Wildcat of The Week is back! We use Wildcat of The Week to showcase the most unique and interesting of our students weekly on Mondays. This week’s WOTW is sophomore Raegen Ramsdell.


Raegen Ramsdell walks in Kansas City Fashion Week.

Rachael Hopkins, Staff Reporter

While the halls of De Soto High School are full of diverse students that enjoy many different hobbies, not everyone can say that they have walked the runway before.

One DHS student, sophomore Raegen Ramsdell, can. Ramsdell recently participated in the Kansas City Fashion Week as a model and enjoys modeling as a hobby.

“I’ve been in Kansas City Fashion Week for the past two or three years now. I really enjoy being up on stage and meeting new people,” Ramsdell said.

The Fashion Week season started earlier this month in New York City and occurred around the globe in London, Milan and Paris. In Kansas City, the four-day event was held at Union Station on Sept. 22 through Sept. 26.

Ramsdell got into got into modeling a few years ago when someone she knew recommended that she take it up as a hobby.

“Somebody told me I should go try it out, so I applied and I went and tried modeling, and they signed me,” Ramsdell said.

When Ramsdell models she is supported by her sister Bailey Ramsdell as well as her whole family.

“[During Kansas City Fashion Week] my grandma comes up and our whole family goes together to watch her,” Bailey said.

Bailey enjoys being able to watch her sister model in Kansas City Fashion Week but does not have an interest being in the industry herself.

“It’s a big deal for her to be able to be in it. It is another thing that she is able to do to get further into the fashion industry,” Bailey said.

There are many things that take place prior to the Fashion Week that happen as preparation for the show that go unnoticed.

“You first to go to auditions and go through lower ranked people that put you through the process. Then you go up to the designers, and if they like you, they choose you to walk in the show,” Raegen said. “Also things like getting the right shoes and trying on your clothes to make sure they fit.”

Raegen does not aspire to be in the modeling industry as a job because she understands that modeling as a career is a difficult industry to get into, but if she ever had the chance she would love to.