Open letter to The Green Pride staff: Camryn Robbinson

Dear Green Pride staff, 

I’m not going to lie, this letter has taken me a while to write. It is hard trying to say goodbye to something as impactful as The Green Pride. Being on staff for three years changed my high school career and I could not be more thankful. 

The Green Pride is responsible for my time management skills and even my social skills. Not only has the school newspaper developed my writing skills, but it also helped to improve upon the person I am today. I will forever be indebted to Mr. Sullivan and his master teaching techniques. I have learned so much during my high school career, and I am excited to take what I know and expand it in college.

To all of my fellow staffers, I want to thank you for all of your hard work while I was Editor-in-Chief. I could not have asked for a better staff than the one I had my senior year. I am so proud of the content we created and the increase in controversial stories. We all pushed each other to publish the best stories we could write, even if they were a few days late. Although the year was cut short, I can wholeheartedly say I would take another janky senior year before a senior year without you guys on staff. 

I will miss all of our table meetings and conversations at the white board, trying to figure out who was going to bring brownies to the next holiday party. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I think I will even miss Jack. It is weird saying goodbye to something that I have been a part of for almost all of my high school career, but I know that the time that I did have with The Green Pride, is time that I will never regret. 

To my Co Editor-in-Chiefs, Maggie and Hayley, I want to say that I am so proud of what we accomplished together. I am going to miss the days where we just sat and page designed for hours on end. You guys have been my rock in journalism ever since our sophomore year on staff. You guys inspire me to be a better writer and I am beyond thankful. 

Thank you for dealing with my ambitious due dates and random story ideas. The staff that I got to lead my senior year is the staff that I want to thank for pushing me to become the person I am right now. I will truly and forever be thankful for my Green Pride family.

With love, 

Camryn Robbinson (for the last time)