Green Pride staff shares favorite holiday traditions


Hunter Finerty, Web Editor

The holiday season is a time of giving, relaxing and spending time with loved ones. While every family is different, many members on The Green Pride staff have similar holiday traditions that they look forward to each year. 

For some, excitement for the holiday season begins much before Christmas day. Festive activities, like decorating Christmas trees and hanging twinkling lights outside, are quite popular. 

Sophomore Sam Goins enjoys decorating the house for the holiday season alongside her family. 

“We have little glass reindeer that my dad got 20 years ago, and we’ve always put them out every year,” Goins said. 

Seniors Lauren Stanton and Erin Pickert also enjoy seeing holiday cheer in the form of Christmas lights throughout the month of December.

“I like seeing the lights at Union Station and Crown Center in Kansas City,” Stanton said. 

Stanton also looks forward to going ice skating downtown every year with friends and family. 

Many staff members look forward to Christmas Eve even more than Christmas itself. 

Senior Maggie Kroeger loves going to church with her mom on Christmas Eve to watch the band perform holiday songs, such as Silent Night, while holding candles. 

Juniors Lynlee Hutchison and Kennedy Ebberts share the tradition of opening a single gift on the night before Christmas. Hutchison participates in this tradition at her grandma’s house, where each of her cousins receive matching pajamas. 

Senior Camryn Robbinson also wears matching pajamas with her family. In addition to this tradition, her family watches the holiday comedy Christmas Vacation every Christmas Eve. 

Watching holiday movies is an important tradition to junior Abby Knuth as well. She recalls watching The Polar Express every season while her dad sings along to the songs in the movie. 

Food is also always a factor that brings families together during the holidays. 

Stanton enjoys waking up and eating Butter Braid pastries with her family on Christmas morning, while junior Jack McCracken just enjoys eating food in general. 

Though everyone celebrates the holiday season differently, traditions are an aspect that many bond over and look forward to every year.