De Soto High School football team prepares for football jamboree


Wildcat Photo

Members of the De Soto High School football team pose for a picture at the annual Fall Fest on Aug 24.

Chase Culver, Staff Reporter

The De Soto High School football team is looking forward to a new kind of event, a jamboree, that is being hosted on Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. at De Soto High School.

Blue Valley North, Olathe East, Olathe Northwest and De Soto will be the teams attending this event, which will consist of both varsity and sub-varsity teams.

Senior players Jake Rosen and Lucas Nascimento are excited for the new event and a different kind of opportunity to go out and play. 

“This Friday night is the jamboree, which is basically just a scrimmage that involves multiple teams,” Rosen said. 

Rosen, who will be playing slot receiver and running back this upcoming season, explained that the four-team scrimmage will be much different from a regular game.  

“Each team will get 12 snaps that will mimic a real-game scenario, but the playing time will be much shorter to ensure all teams get to play a good amount,” Rosen said.

Other differences include each snap starting on the 40-yard line and work toward the goal line, as well as the allowance of coaches on the playing field.  

The team is very excited for what is to come of the new event, as well as how it will lead them into their season.

“I think all the athletes are excited to see what happens this Friday and are eager to start the season,” Nascimento said. 

Although the football team is excited, they expressed some concerns about occupancy within the stadium premises.

“I would recommend all of those who are attending to arrive early because stadium seating can be an issue even when we are playing one team, so I can only imagine how jam packed [it will] be when four schools are in attendance,” Rosen said. 

The DHS varsity football team will play at 7 p.m. against Olathe East, 8:15 against Olathe Northwest and at 9:15 against Blue Valley North.The sub-varsity De Soto football team will play 7:30 against Olathe East, 8:45 against Olathe Northwest and at 9:45 against Blue Valley North.

The team is looking forward to a successful event and having a student section to support them as well.