Students prepare for summer break


Wildcat Photo

Juniors Lane Hileman, Justine Wheeler, and Erin Pickert hammock on April 7.

Erin Pickert, Staff Reporter

As summer rolls around at De Soto High School after a long finals week, students share their plans for vacation.

Junior Lane Hileman has had her summer plans in the works for multiple weeks. She has composed a list of 50 items which she plans to complete before the time school starts again in the fall.

“On my bucket list that I made with Justine [Wheeler] there’s  hammocking, canoeing, going to the lake, going to concerts and pulling all nighters,” Hileman said.

Hileman’s inspiration comes mainly from Pinterest. Though the list is lengthy and full of exciting items, Hileman believes she will be able to check all items off the list even with the limited time she has.

“I get off [ work] at 4:00 P.M. and that gets me a few hours and I have all night when I should be sleeping,” Hileman said.

This summer, freshman Clayton Tilley is having his fun overseas in the Nordic countries Finland, Sweden and Norway.

“I’m excited for just exploring another culture and finding new, different things,” Tilley said.

Tilley will be there for two weeks with his family.

He has been to those countries before but is excited about the prospect.

“We’ve [my family] been planning this trip for about a year now so that we can get cheapest airfare and stuff,” Tilley said.

Though most DHS students won’t be travelling overseas to experience their summer, items such as bucket lists are used by many students to make the most of their time off.

Tilley advises students to, “Just try something new,” and to not “be afraid to try new things.”