Letter from the Editors – Issue 5


Sydney Hoover and Emma Bascom

Dear student body,

After a lot of hard work over the past few weeks, we are excited to have put out Issue 5, our first issue of second semester. Though we never really established a theme this issue, a few of our stories seemed to follow a ‘Through the Generations’ theme, with several unique stories.

Our cover story features the World War II veterans who came to De Soto High School for the junior class ‘in-school field trip,’ along with many pictures of the veterans telling various stories about their time in the military to the classes. We also included a story about a mother-daughter bond formed through weightlifting and a story on the increasing amount of CTE classes at DHS as technology continues to progress throughout the years.

However, the majority of our stories were unique in themselves, without a real ‘theme’ behind them. We covered the Prom Fashion Show held by the Natalie M. Foundation to raise money for prom, as well as our boys’ basketball team and wrestling team. We featured several students who participate in theater outside of school through organizations such as Christian Youth Theater and Culture House. Two of our staff members wrote an opinion on the many potential snow days throughout the month of January and how schools are reacting to those. Our back page featured the WPA spirit week and coronation. Finally, we remembered our friend and classmate, Sterling Franzwa, who passed away in December.

This issue ended up being very hard to put together, and the stories covered in it were not the original stories we had decided on; we had several fall through and had to scramble to replace them. Finally getting this issue sent to the printer was such a relief, as it seemed like no matter what we did, something kept going wrong. We did finally get it sent out though, and despite all of the problems we had along the way, we are very happy with how this issue turned out and we hope you enjoy it!



Sydney Hoover and Emma Bascom

The Green Pride Editors-in-Chief