WPA spirit week

Lizzy Arnold, Staff Reporter

With excitement rising about upcoming winter semi-formal dance WPA, the tradition of students dressing up the week leading to the dance will begin Jan. 23.

Student Council sponsor Lori Hughes thinks that spirit week is a fun way to bring all students together for something that is fun and out of the normal.

“Well I think just the fact that we are dressing similar and doing something a little different to come together makes us have more spirit” Hughes said.

Spirit week will kick off with ‘Monochromatic Monday’ where students are to dress consistently of one color. Tuesday will follow as a “Camo Day”, and Wednesday as ‘Wacky Wednesday.’ Thursday’s spirit theme is the popular fashion concept of wearing a sports jersey known now as ‘Jersey Thursday.’ Finishing off spirit week on Friday will be the traditional theme of Wildcat spirit.

Hannah Wilson, one of the Student Council members on the spirit week committee, says that she is most looking forward to Monochromatic Monday.

“I’m most excited for monochromatic because it’s really fun to look through the hallways and see all the colorful outfits” Wilson said.

Along with the fun of spirit week comes much embarrassment for some students. On a student conducted Twitter poll among the DHS community, 16 percent of the 69 students who voted said they would not dress up for spirit week. Another 52 percent said they would depending on what the theme of the day was. Only 32 percent of students said they would dress up for spirit week no matter what.

This year’s WPA spirit week, members of Student Council highly recommend participating in dressing up with the daily themes.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” Hughes said. “Lots of people are going to do it, and it’s more fun when everyone participates.”