Girls’ basketball preview


Rachael Hopkins, Staff Reporter

The 2015-2016 girls’ basketball season is here with high hopes in store.

The team is off to a fresh start with new coach Ryan Robie. Robie is a Social Studies teacher at Mill Creek Middle School, and was also the JV girls’ basketball coach last year.

Many basketball players such as sophomore Kira Horn are not concerned for the success of the team because many of the girls on the team had already known the new head coach.

“He was the JV basketball coach for us last year, and so a bunch of the returners have already spent a lot of time with him,” Horn said.

As well as a new coach, the team will face changes in basketball program from previous years.

Kristen Saucerman is the only senior on the girls’ basketball team for the 2015-2016 season. Saucerman has been in the program all four years of her high school career. According to Saucerman, because she is the only senior on the team, a lot of decisions fall on her.

Robie is certain that having small leadership will not impact the team.

“Kristen has been a part of the program for four years and she’s a great leader. She knows what it takes to win. I’m confident that she will be able to be a great leader,” Robie said.

According to Robie, many underclassmen have already taken the job of stepping up and showing leadership alongside Saucerman.

“We have a lot of other kids that aren’t seniors that have been in the program and have helped us at the varsity level. I think we will be just fine,” Robie said.

Saucerman’s teammates are also confident in her that she will do well in leading the team.

“It’s a different atmosphere because you don’t have as many leaders. You have the juniors and sophomores step up to lead the team,” junior basketball player Sydney Jones said. “It’s different with decision-making to because it’s all on Kristen, but I think she likes it.”

Their first game will be Dec. 9 during the Huhtamaki Hardwood Classic Basketball Tournament held at De Soto High School.