Open Letter to the Green Pride Staff


Trever Tilton, Editor-In-Chief

As my time as a member and editor of The Green Pride quickly comes to an end, the memories and learning experiences will last a lifetime. Joining The Green Pride during second semester of sophomore year was both a blessing in disguise as well as a commitment that I didn’t think would last the remainder of my high school career. While I didn’t know what to do or how to act at first, I quickly settled in and found my groove. The Green Pride allowed me to stay on top of school activities and other events that might have gone unnoticed without The Green Pride. Through my almost three years on staff I have learned so many things along the way, not only introducing myself to different individuals, but also allowing me to understand an opinion opposite of mine. The different individuals  and personalities that have been a part of The Green Pride will forever be a memory and I want to thank the ones on staff this 22-23 year.

To the three freshmen, Carrie, Kayla and Maddie:
I want to thank you three for joining second semester. The fact that our team was only around eight people before you joined allowed us to sit back a little and not be so stressed with work loads and stories. From your very different personalities, there is never a dull moment with any of you. I truly wish you the best of luck and hope that you can continue to enjoy newspaper, without me to make fun of anymore. Good luck with the rest of high school!

To the lone sophomore Jason:
I want to thank you for joining second semester and bringing a vast amount of different ideas and perspectives into the class. Your personality is like no other, and I know that you will continue to strive and grow into the reporter and page designer I know you can be. Best of luck to you and have fun the next couple years of high school!

To the junior besties, Liz and Sarah:
At the beginning of the year I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like you guys. Mainly because of our vastly different viewpoints; however, learning to understand each other better, I got to really enjoy when you guys were in class and even missed when y’all weren’t. You two have taught me so much about different things that I was too hard-headed on before. I will truly miss you two and your very different personalities that I have come to love. Best of luck next year–keep making me feel bad with your page designs!

The OG Juniors, Ashlyn (Ash-Dash) and Will:
I want to thank you guys for all of the extended memories that we have made the last few years and I will sure miss being in class with you guys. To Ash-Dash, the last two years have been absolutely amazing and you have probably done more than I could have even thought to accomplish in my three years on The Green Pride. Your ability to create and design go way beyond my ability and I appreciate you for how much you have helped me this year on my page designs, I will surely miss you and our memories that we have made along the way. And I can’t forget about Will: you have been my “ride-or-die” from day one in newspaper. We showed our worth on our first year on staff and grew into the writers we are today right by each other the entire way. I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to make it through newspaper last year if it wasn’t for you, so in that matter I truly thank you and wish you the best of luck next year. (PS. If you two become editors-in-chiefs I know that you will do great).

To my fellow Seniors,  Jenna and Parker:
I want to thank you guys for taking time out of your busy schedules to have yet another class together. I have sure enjoyed having you guys in class from gaining a little extra help to providing me with some quality bonding time on a third party site because the school blocked the good site. I truly appreciate you guys and how many memories we have made over the years. I wish you two the best of luck in your studies at the University of Kansas and hope that your bond stays tight.

To my fellow Editor, Emma:
You and I are the real OG’s, from the beginning we stayed and pushed through, fighting on different things, disagreements, however in the end I think that we mutually understood each other. Thank you for allowing me to be your fellow editor for the 22-23 year, and I honestly wish you the best of luck with your future studies. I know that you will do great things and continue to strive on into whatever you want to do.

Finally to our amazing teacher Mrs. Riley:
Thank you for coming into this year blind and taking us on, allowing us to continue to be ourselves and having such a fun personality that I know everyone will agree with. I know for one that I appreciate your knowledge, humor and experience when it comes to media. You have made the much needed change to the department for good and I know that it will only continue to grow with you by its side. That being said, I thank you and wish that I had more years to spend under your instruction.

Thank you Green Pride, Trever Tilton out.