WOTW: Mackenzie Mohl

WOTW: Mackenzie Mohl


Ally Barnhart, Social Media Director

Sophomore soccer player Mackenzie Mohl was named Athlete of the Week by The Shawnee Dispatch.

Mohl scored three goals, also referred to as a hat trick, to beat Olathe North on Friday March 30.

The game went into overtime, where Mohl scored her last goal to win the game.

“My favorite memory was the Olathe North game this year because we all worked really hard and never gave up,” Mohl said. “We played as one and ended up getting the result we wanted and everyone was really happy.”

Mohl plays outside midfielder which plays both offense and defense.

For Mohl, this year’s team is very close and the results show on the field.

“We’re all friends and we joke around a lot, and it really makes a difference on the field and how we play together,” Mohl said.

One of Mohl’s teammate, senior Alexa Rosetta, says Mohl contributes a lot to the team.

“She has made a huge impact on our team this year,” Rosetta said. “Her speed and technical ability create a huge advantage for our top line.”

Mohl plays club soccer with Sporting Blue Valley Showcase 01 as well as school ball with junior Morgan Laplante.

Laplante loves her intensity on the field and how it helps the team.

“She competitive. She doesn’t like getting beat and she works hard to make sure she doesn’t,” Laplante said.

The girls’ soccer team still remains undefeated in the Frontier League with a record of 5-0 and and overall record of 8-1-1.