New student section at DHS


Wildcat photo of students tailgating before the first DHS home football on Friday, Sept. 13

Abby Campbell, Editor In Chief

As the year progressed at De Soto High School, many students found themselves excited for the new changes made to the football field. Not only has there been a new section of bleachers built, but the student section has found a new area to cheer on their Wildcats. 

Originally in the old bleachers, the DHS student section used to be a lot closer to the ground. Additionally, many students found themselves easily annoyed with the sun, which faced directly at them. In contrast, the new bleachers face away from the sun and open up a lot more seating for the Wildcats. 

“The sun is not in our eyes anymore, and it is a lot easier to see the game,” senior Lilly Champlain said. 

Although the bleachers have been an exciting addition, many students feel that there is a lack of school spirit this year. Compared to years past, games would be packed with students during games. This included not only football, but the same was spoken for other sports as well. 

“I think having more student section leaders and more organization in chants would help our student section,” Champlain said. “Sometimes it is confusing, especially for the underclassmen.”

Having two new classes being exposed the DHS football environment has been challenging, especially for the current upperclassmen who are used to everyone knowing cheers and chants. 

“The hardest part is for sure getting everyone to cheer,” student section leader Bryce Englehart said. “I want to try to get everyone more involved so the underclassmen feel more comfortable.”

Additionally, Englehart echoed the concerns of the new bleachers not being as close to the football field. Despite this, he is not letting it undermine the season.

“The new bleachers are super nice. It’s just difficult sometimes because we are further away from the field,” Englehart said. 

So far, the themes of games have been a variety of different things, ranging from U.S.A to Hawaiian. Moving forward, Pep Club has chosen many themes for football games, the most recent being decided by the end of this week for the 11/12 game.

Additionally, some students have been tailgating before football games to get DHS students excited about attending the Friday night games. Activities at the tailgate include making posters and grilling food with friends. 

“Tailgating brings a big group of the student section together before the game and it makes for an awesome atmosphere,” senior Eli Pouppirt said. “We grill out, throw around a football and listen to music. We also prepare for the theme of the game by making posters or wearing accessories.” 

In addition to the fun tailgating, Pouppirt and many others are excited to enjoy this new season of football. 

“It’s been awesome to be a senior this year. We have had pretty great turnouts at home games which is awesome to see,” Pouppirt says. 

As the season continues on, Wildcats are encouraged to join in on the student section fun this fall as DHS supports their teams.