Seniors lose last chance to play in the new stadium

New Soccer Stadium


Trever Tilton

A look at the new turf on Oct. 14, 2021.

Trever Tilton, Opinion Editor

Bleachers getting installed on Oct. 22, 2021. (Ron Crow)

With the end of the soccer season, players are still anxiously waiting for the completion of the new stadium. Because seniors will never get the satisfaction of playing on the new field in a real game, their hopes of a scrimmage against themselves would be a big deal for them 

The soccer, football, softball, baseball and practice fields were all in the plans for remodeling and/or new construction. While the football and softball stadiums have been finished for a while, the soccer field and bleachers are just now getting completed.

“I have spent the entirety of my high school career doing fundraisers and saving up money so that I could play on the new field,” senior Ashton Hoffman said. “But now that it is my senior year, I know that I’m not going to be able to enjoy it for my final season.”

Unlike other team members, seniors are the ones that have it the hardest. The reality of not being able to play on this new field in a real game is very low. After waiting for four years for the new field, the seniors did not get a chance to see it completed before the end of the soccer season. 

However, girls’ soccer will get all the excitement with the field being ready for games in time for spring upcoming season.

Junior goalkeeper Brody Macoubrie is excited to play on the new field but is sad for his fellow senior teammates.

“I’m not sad that I have not gotten to play on the new field this year, but I am sad for the seniors who won’t get the opportunity to play on the new field next year as I will,” Macoubrie said.

The varsity boys aren’t the only ones upset about the field. Players from junior varsity and C-team are still as upset as the seniors, even though most have a couple more years left to play.

“I’m excited for soccer to finally have a nice field that we can use even if it’s raining. I’m also excited to be able to practice and play games on a nice field that isn’t a mud pit when it is wet,” junior Ryan Lange said.

These players are really hoping for the field to be done so that they can still have their annual Halloween scrimmage, which they have already delayed so that hopefully they could have it on the new field and allow the seniors to play a “real” game on it.

Construction workers finishing up on the new turf on Oct. 14, 2021. (Trever Tilton)

“I think it would be good to have the Halloween scrimmage on the new field so that the current seniors would have the chance to play on the new field,” Lange said.