Teeing off towards a new season


Sophomore Maggie Bichelmeyer poses for a picture during the golf tournament at Painted Hills on Sept. 9.

Lindsay Dodd, Feature Writer

As fall sports start up, the girls golf team has started its journey to another successful season. 

“[Practices] have been so far so good. We’ve had four tournaments,” head coach Crystal Sinclair-King said. 

Last year the team had undergone many restrictions due to COVID-19. 

“Since golf is a fall sport we were one of the guinea pigs teams trying to figure out how to do sports during Covid. So just not having to deal with restrictions is nice,” Sinclair-King said. 

While there are not as many covid restrictions as there were last year, the team is still finding ways to improve their golf game since they were unable to have many tournaments in the previous season. 

“We’re focusing a lot on short game, which is like pitching and putting once you get the ball closer to the hole,” Sinclair-King said. 

Out of the three tournaments the team has participated in, they have received a first-place finish at one of the tournaments and a second-place finish at two of the tournaments.

“We’ve been very competitive overall,” Sinclair said. 

When participating in golf, the girls have to do well individually to be able to earn high rankings as a team. Sinclair-King had said that the girls were doing very well in working hard to achieve their goals individually. 

While most would think that golf would be an easy sport and missing school would not be a big deal, that is not accurate. The team competes at day-long tournaments, which means they have to leave school early in the morning in order to get to the tournament on time. Due to having to leave early, the girls have had to keep up with their schoolwork and maintain eligible grades to be able to participate in their activities. 

“I’ve been proud of how responsible they’ve been in terms of keeping up with their grades. Also, going to the tournaments during the school day is hard,” Sinclair-King said. 

While the girls have been doing very well this season, the stakes are still high and there are many goals the team has this season to be able to be very successful. 

“To improve and get a little bit better each year. It’s kind of a long-term sport and it takes a while to improve, so if every year they improve then that’s great,” Sinclair-King said. 

As it is obvious that the girls are working hard in achieving their goals, keeping their grades up and staying focused, Sinclair-King has a lot of excitement for the rest of the season. 

“I feel really optimistic and very positive and really happy with where we are and I think that it will probably only improve from here. I think we are going to have a very competitive, excellent season,” Sinclair-King said. 

The girls’ golf team’s next tournament is on Sept. 27 at Painted Hill Golf Course. More information on the rest of their season is on the Wildcat Nation website.