Pro sports going back to full capacity


Thousands of fans surrounded the 18th green at the PGA Championships where Phil Mickelson sank his final putt on Sunday, May 23.

Ashton Hoffman, Staff reporter

Whether it be soccer, football or baseball games, most people would agree that it is an enjoyable experience to watch your favorite sports team play. 

When COVID-19 was at its peak, sports were completely shut down, from playing the game itself to even attending a game. 

“Going to a stadium to watch a team play is one of my favorite feelings because the energy is just unmatched,” junior Logan Boehm said.

Since the stadiums would not allow any spectators during those times, fans could sign up to have a cardboard cutout.

“I didn’t really like the idea of the cardboard cutouts,” Boehm said. “At that point, I thought they were just forcing it, even when I was watching on tv it still just seemed awkward.” 

Now that more people are getting vaccinated and COVID-19 is starting to slow down, things are looking up for professional sports housing spectators. 

“Soccer games are my favorite sport to watch and go to since I play it,” Boehm said. “And since Sporting [Kansas City] was only having half capacity I never really got a chance to go.” 

Many stadiums are now allowing spectators who are fully vaccinated for full capacity.

“Now that stadiums are letting more people in, I think I have a better chance of getting to go to a sporting game since I’m fully vaccinated,” Boehm said. 

The Yankees debuted a vaccinated and an unvaccinated section for people who are not vaccinated but still want to go to a game. The unvaccinated section requires masks and six feet of social distancing.

“I’m glad that things are starting to get back to normal and that I get to enjoy going to sports games again,” Boehm said.