Gavin Williams and Blaine Church commit to MNU


Jason Williams

Mark Gastelum, Blaine Church, Carson Zitlow, Gavin Williams, and Brian King, pose for a picture after signing day.

Jack McCracken , Staff/Writer

De Soto High School seniors Gavin Williams and Blaine Church will be continuing their academic and football careers at Midamerica Nazarene University in Olathe.   

“I’m excited about going to MNU because it will be a new chapter in my life where I will meet tons of new people,” Williams said.

With this new step in life, they will take what they have learned from De Soto football to the next level.

“I’ve learned to have the attitude and mentality of out-working everybody from our culture and plan to take it to MNU,” Church said.

Brian King, head of the football and weights program at DHS, has worked with these men for years. 

“Grind and work to improve everyday because you will be surprised how many people cannot withstand the grind ,” King said.

Aside from a solid culture and program at MNU, these student athletes have more reasons as to why they will be attending the school. 

“I chose MNU because they gave me a really good scholarship, and they are building a great football program,” Williams said.

Along with receiving great scholarships, these men will remain close to home. Additionally, they will be faced with new challenges and will have to adapt.

“I am excited to see what the culture is like, and they are all about being family and academics. I love that,” Church said.

Along with what they have already learned from De Soto, these two will adapt and continue to improve everyday as teammates.