WOTW: Marisa Johnson

Wildcat freshman steps into starting role


Wildcat Photo

Freshman Marisa Johnson poses for a photo after hitting two home runs within a double-header on March 30.

Within this 2021 spring De Soto High School softball season, the team has had the addition of a dominant freshman role, Marisa Johnson.

“She has just had an additional positive impact on our culture that was already there, just show up and do work,” said varsity softball coach Junelle Woolery. “She [Johnson] doesn’t talk a lot but she takes care of business.”

Thus far in the season, Johnson has truly enjoyed her involvement within the Wildcat  softball program. 

“I have enjoyed mostly just the interactions with all of the kids within the softball program. Everyone is very encouraging,” Johnson said.

Johnson, typically positioning herself as an outfielder, has stepped up to fill an infield role this season due to an early-on team injury.

“She has been phenomenal when it comes to putting the team first. She typically is an outfielder, but she has had to come in and play some shortstop and has done awesome for us,” Woolery said.

Starting out her high school career with a bang, Johnson had a memorable start to the season.

“The first game at my first at-bat I hit a home run,” Johnson said.

Additionally, as the season has continued, Johnson has now broken the DHS single-season softball home run record with a total of seven home runs. Johnson commented that she has a total of 14 career home runs making 50 percent of these occurring within the DHS season. 

“She is so humble. I bet most people have no idea that she broke the single-season home run record because she is not going to talk about it,” Woolery said.

Having such a successful freshman year performance, coach Woolery sees Johnson only continuing to become stronger throughout her next three years ahead in the program.

“I see her just getting better year after year. She is just a workhorse that shows up and tries to get better every practice, help her teammates get better at every practice so she will help continue to grow our culture in a positive direction,” Woolery said. “I think the sky is the limit with her, whatever she wants to do she is going to be able to accomplish because she has the skills and work ethic.”  

With the team currently preparing for the Regionals , Johnson hopes to continue giving her team her best effort.

“I just hope to leave a positive impact on everyone and be the best player I can be,” Johnson said.