Wildcats win UKC, ready for Regionals


Wildcat Photo

The De Soto High School varsity baseball team celebrates after becoming the United Kansas Conference champions on Thursday, May 7.

Abby Campbell, Feature Editor

 The Wildcats baseball team wrapped up its final regular season game after defeating the Spring Hill Broncos on Monday, May 10 and the road to Regionals has officially kicked off. 

This year has been good for the Wildcats as they have succeeded in becoming United Kansas Conferencechampions and are excited to see what is coming next as the rest of the season pans out. 

“The team this season has been awesome,” senior varsity pitcher Weston Madden said. “It’s a ton of fun to play with all of my friends for the last time.” 

Unique years prior, there are 16 seniors on the varsity baseball team, all with an end goal to become State bound. 

“The seniors have been terrific in whatever role they have on this team,” said head varsity baseball coach Joel Thaemert. “They’ve all had a special moment for us at some point and have been great leaders throughout the season.”

With Regionals taking place next week, the team understands that winning will not be easy and all efforts must be on deck.

“We just need to focus on playing the game the right way and not forget that we are in the position for a reason,” Madden said. “There have been a lot of challenges, but that’s just the nature of sports. We’ve dealt with some injuries as a team, but younger guys have been able to step up for us.” 

Thamert echoed Madden’s point in demonstrating that business needs to be taken care of as Regionals is kicking off. 

“We will find out here as we get to Regionals how we are going to define ourselves,” Thaemert said. “Comparing them to other teams probably isn’t fair to them at this point of the season.”

In addition to the excitement of this season, there have also been many challenges for the team. 

“I think just getting back into the swing of things after [baseball season] getting cancelled last year has been our challenge,” said senior varsity baseball position Josh Kellogg. 

Regardless of where the Wildcats end up for the rest of their season, the bond that the team holds is very special. 

“I think how close we are and how much fun we have as a team makes us special,” Kellogg said. “There is not a team in the state that is as close as we are and it’s to our advantage.”

Madden additionally voiced that he valued the team’s chemistry in a special way than ever before.

“For me, this team is unique because I’m playing with some of my friends that I’ve known since first grade,” Madden said. “It’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing the game.”