Girls Golf: Back in full swing


Emma Hellerich, Staff Reporter

As the fall sports continue to head towards the postseason, girls’ golf is in full swing after the whole team had to enter temporary quarantine procedures. 

“My initial reaction to the team being quarantined was upset, but I was ready to accept the fact we needed to do it for the safety of us and others,” junior Keeley Chambers said, “Some girls took charge [trying to continue the season] of the situation and talked to the school about it.”

Chamber’s later got tested, and the test came back negative. Even when the team was in quarantine Chamber’s took all the safety precautions and practiced by herself a few times.

After this minor setback, the girl’s golf team is now back in full swing and competing in tournaments.   

Savannah Nicol, a sophomore on the team, says the biggest changes to the season are the safety precautions they have to take.

“The biggest change during COVID-19 would be how there are a lot less tournaments to play in, and smaller groups are taken to the tournaments,” Nicol said.

Every fall sport at DHS has been required to wear masks when playing sports. 

“Wearing masks has definitely been one of the biggest changes for me and the team,” Nicol said.

For some players like Chambers, they don’t have much time left playing golf for the DHS.

“It’s my junior year and it sucks I don’t get to have a full season, but I’m trying to make the best of it,” Chambers said.

Due to the shortened season, Nicol said she’s had less time to work on the things she would like to improve on. 

“I would really like to work on my short game and get better at that,” Nicol said. 

Chambers placed 14th and Nicol placed 12th in the tournament on Wednesday, Sept. 30. 

“I really think I could have improved by focusing more on the tournament. I just kept getting distracted,” Nicol said.

With a shortened season Nicol is still trying her best to improve on her game.

“I think the season has gone pretty well for not having a full season, but there is always room for improvement,” Nicol said.