How athletes are normalizing their cancelled season


Macie Albright

Varsity soccer player Macie Albright practices soccer from home due to her spring season cancellation.

Natalie Nusz, Staff Reporter

Because KSHAA cancelled spring sports for the 2020 season, athletes at De Soto High School have had to adapt. The athletes are trying to continue activities that they missed because of the season cancellation. 

“I was really upset because we had a very strong team and were looking to have another great season,” said varsity soccer player Macie Albright.  

Although the team cannot play together, many athletes are still practicing their sport, so they can prepare for next season. Because many love playing their sport, practicing is still essential, even without the competition. 

“I have been going to the DHS field to run and play with some of my teammates, while social distancing of course. We’ve been trying to get together and condition,” Albright said. 

Not only are members of the soccer team continuing to play for fun but other sports are taking action as well. For varsity baseball player Weston Madden, he feels it is very important to continue playing throughout this time. 

“I’ve been preparing for club season in the summer. I still lift at home and run to stay in shape. I also play catch four to five times a week, and I hit everyday,” Madden said.

Despite the season being cancelled, many are still confident that the players will be able to continue their success next year. 

“I think next season will go very well. I’ve talked to a lot of my teammates and they are all still working hard,” Madden said

One aspect of the season cancellation that has been exceptionally hard on some is not getting to play one last season with the seniors. Although players did not get this experience, underclassmen are still saying their goodbyes. 

“I’ve texted most of them [senior teammates] to congratulate them on graduating,” Madden said.

Although no one can say how the season will be next year, the players are hoping to be back on the field. 

“Fingers crossed we get our season since it is our senior year. We are ready to get back out there and play for our school, family, and friends,” Albright said.