Girls’ basketball begins

Sam Goins, Staff Reporter

As winter begins, there are more opportunities than ever to become involved in school activities. One of the many things students can try at De Soto High School are winter sports; more specifically, girls’ basketball.

The DHS girls’ varsity basketball coach  Ryan Robie, is very excited to see how the team performs this year and is confident in the abilities of the varsity team.

“At the varsity level, we expect to have a successful season as we have a strong group of seniors that have been in the program all four years,” Robie said. “Beyond experience, we have a group of kids that are committed to the process of getting better each and every day.”

Not only are the coaches optimistic, returning players are eager for the season. Junior Lina Bayer is excited to get back on the court and have fun with junior varsity coach Bruce Yarbrough.

“He [Yarbrough] makes practice fun,” Bayer said. “He makes weird faces and he will mimic us and be really goofy about it and he always has a smile and helps us with what we are confused on.”

Sophomore Macy Carver is also returning to the team for the enjoyment that she gets out of playing basketball.

“I really like the sport and it gets me conditioned for soccer,” Carver said. “I was on the JV and freshman teams last year, and I hope to get on JV again and maybe varsity if I’m lucky.”

Regardless of who makes the team or how many wins the team gets this season, Robie will always  be happy to have coached another great team.

“We never measure our success on things that are out of control,” Robie said. “The success of this season will be measured years down when we see what kind of mothers and professionals these girls become.”