Student commits to Iowa State for volleyball

Student Commits


Jack McCracken, Staff Reporter

De Soto High School’s sports are very competitive, producing many talented athletes.. One of these being junior, Brooke Stonestreet.  Stonestreet recently committed to Iowa State University to continue her academic and volleyball career.

“I look forward to playing because my team and I have really good chemistry,” Stonestreet said.

With the 2019 season being her third year in the DHS volleyball program, Stonestreet has held a large role for the team.

“I enjoy playing with Brooke because not only is she a hard worker, she is a leader, and fantastic athlete,” Junior teammate Lynlee Hutchison said.

DHS’ varsity coaches, Lindsay Hothan and Boris Quintero, have put a lot of thought and time into improving the young team.

“We have a lot of talent and raw athleticism,”Quintero said.

“With the new team, we have been working on fundamentals,” Quintero said.

Stonestreet shares something she has learned from her experience here at DHS that she will take with her into the future. 

“De Soto has taught me a lot of things, like working on my skills and fundamentals, even being a better teammate. I have improved as a person and a player all around,” Stonestreet said.

With the season half over, De Soto has shown they are capable of achieving their goals.   

“I think if we put in the time and effort, we have a really good chance of winning it all this year,” Stonestreet said.

Iowa State’s volleyball team has given Stonestreet a warm welcome on her recent visit to the campus.  

“The campus is beautiful and my teammates are really nice,” Stonestreet said.

With Stonestreet’s upcoming  team commitment, she has new goals and new plans.    

“I want to win the national championship,” Stonestreet said.

 The DHS volleyball program  is proud of Stonestreet’s accomplishments and hard work to earn this opportunity.