Boys’ soccer prepares for the season


Corinne Daise

Senior Carson Brier dribbles the ball at a home game in 2017.

Justine Wheeler, Feature Editor

Now that school is in session, fall sports have begun, and the De Soto High School boys’ soccer team is preparing for its season.

This year, Andrew Proctor is the new head coach for soccer, and he mentioned some goals for the team to accomplish this season.

“I expect us to win league, I expect us to get to the State tournament, and I expect that all of our players improve,” Proctor said.

Proctor believes that if the players are improving, they will have a successful season.

Senior Carson Brier thinks Proctor is a good coach and is taking the team in the right direction.

Brier also has high hopes for the team. He would like to win league since the team won it his freshman and sophomore years. He also hopes to do well at Regionals and make it to State.

“Senior year is always exciting. Getting to play with the boys that I’ve been playing with since freshman year seems pretty fun,” Brier said.

Senior Austin Schwarzenberger claims that coach Proctor will be beneficial for the team.

“I didn’t know what to expect with him [Proctor], but he’s really good,” Schwarzenberger said. “He brought a lot of new ideas and new strategies to the game.”

Schwarzenberger claims the team gets along well both on and off the field.

“It’s fun to joke around off the field, but once we get on, it’s all serious, and it’s just really cool to see that,” Schwarzenberger said.

According to Schwarzenberger, the team has some “really good chemistry,” and the majority of the players have been friends for a long time.

Since the team got bumped up from 4A to 5A, Brier thinks games will take some getting used to, since the team is faced with tougher competition. He believes the team will do well despite the challenges.

Proctor claims he and the team are ready for the first game.

“I know that the players are [ready], and it’s just time for us to get started so we can actually have a direction and see what else we need to work on,” Proctor said.