DHS wrestling team gives back


Reaghan Wharff

Sophomore Luke Barger wrestles an opponent from Highland Park at De Soto High School on Jan. 24.

Camryn Robbinson, Staff Reporter

The De Soto High School wrestling team has recently made it their goal to help those in need, starting with community service.

The idea to start the fundraiser came about when head wrestling coach Shannon Sawner was reading posts from a Wrestling Talk Forum, a website where coaches keep up to date on all activities relating to wrestling.

“It is a great way to raise money and also do some community service. The other schools who have been doing this [fundraiser] have been making a lot of money, and we wanted to help,” Sawner said.

twenty days into the thirty day campaign, the DHS wrestling team had made almost $2,000.

“We are going to donate 25 percent to the USD 232 Student Care Fund, which takes care of students in need. We are also planning on donating a good portion of the money to the Towner family,” Sawner said.

The DHS wrestling team is supporting eighth grader Cowen Towner as he was recently admitted to the burn unit at Kansas University Medical center. Towner is a wrestler at Lexington Trails Middle School.

The website used for the fundraiser contains a video of the wrestling team working out. Supporting the team by watching the video or donating money online is a way to get involved with the campaign.

As well as using the money to help students in the district, the money raised also helps the team.

“The money being raised will go to students who cannot afford everyday items and it [the money] also helps the wrestling team, so it is a really good cause,” sophomore wrestler Lane Warner said.

As for the members of the team, they think it is a great idea and hope to see other fundraisers happen in the future.

“Without fundraisers we would not be able to train like we do. I think everyone should play a part in helping the program the represent,” sophomore wrestler Cooper Pflaum said.

In the future, Sawner plans to set up a donation website similar to a GoFundMe. As the fundraisers progress, he believes it will become easier  to promote.

If you would like to check out and support the DHS wrestling team, check out the link below.