Girls’ basketball adds a new team

Sophomore C team player Emilee Mills dribbles the ball at practice on Dec. 7.

Reaghan Wharff

Sophomore C team player Emilee Mills dribbles the ball at practice on Dec. 7.

Johnny Meehan, Photo Editor

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This year, the De Soto High School girls’ basketball program has grown so much that it decided to add a fourth team. Similar to the boys’ C team, the girls’ C team is made up mainly of sophomores. However, there are also some freshmen girls on their C team. Head coach Ryan Robie is happy that there are enough players to create another team this year.

“This year’s a great opportunity because we had a lot of freshmen out and a lot of sophomores returning,” Robie said.

Sophomore Maddie Beal is a player on C team and enjoys the added experiences it brings to the players.

“I like it because I’ll get to play more…” Beal said. “I think it would allow more kids to play and get to experience basketball.”

Along with the new team, the program also got a new coach, Steve McGinness, who works at Lexington Trails Middle School.

“Coach McGuinness is a great asset to De Soto, he is very chill and fun,” Beal said. “He’s just the C team coach, but Thaemert will help us too.”

Overall, Robie is excited that the school as a whole is growing and that the teams are growing with it.

“As our school continues to grow we are looking to build our programs and get more kids involved to participate in extracurricular activities,” Robie said.

The next girls’ C team game is on Monday, Dec. 11 against Tonganoxie at De Soto High School at 7:30. p.m.

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