Coach King is the Kansas City Chiefs coach of the week

Alyse Leal, Arts Editor

De Soto High School’s head football coach Brian King is the Kansas City Chiefs Coach of the Week. This is King’s second consecutive year receiving coach of the week.

“It’s an honor that reflects the work of our team and our coaches,” King said.

King says it’s an award that commends the work they’ve been doing in this undefeated season.

“They put it out as an individual award, but it should be a team award, because the team is what has earned the recognition, but we’re very excited that we got that recognition,” King said.

Junior center Devin Haynes said King has done a good job focusing on each position on the team.

“He’s helped offense and defense get in good field positions. He’s just helped everyone get in good field positions, and he helps us in the weight room too. He’s a good leader,” Haynes said.

King says that if he received the Kansas City Chiefs coach of the year award, it would be great recognition for the team.

“If it happens [receiving the award] it would be great, but the goals I’m more focused on are our team goals as far as playoffs and league championships,” King said.

King plans on sticking with the same values that the been working on for a few years and sticking with the work and preparation ethic of the players.

“I just want these guys to give their best effort. It’s always us versus us in regards to our preparation, our physicality, our execution and our discipline,” King said.