Girl’s tennis set to host Regionals

Issa Sullivan forehands the ball during tennis match on Sept. 15

Wildcat Photo

Issa Sullivan forehands the ball during tennis match on Sept. 15

Hayley Moss, Staff Reporter

Wildcat Photo
Kelsey Heer serving the ball during tennis match on Sept. 15

This Saturday, De Soto High School will be hosting an important moment for the girls’ tennis season: Regionals. This will ultimately determine which players will get to continue on to State this year. For some, this means a second chance, while for others it means a last chance.

    At this same time a year ago, sophomore Issa Sullivan took second at Regionals and was able to continue on to State.

    “Last year I took second, so I’m excited to try and take the title. I’m more prepared this year since last year I was hurt so hopefully I can perform well,” Sullivan said.

    For senior Kelsey Heer, this will be her last shot to make it to State.

   “I would love to see how many people we can get to State this year. Last year we only got Issa there [state], and we should have had more,” Heer said.

    Head coach Justin Hoffman has been preparing his team all season for this weekend.

    “My expectation is to get more than one entry to State, and I think we can do it. We’re just going to have to play well,” Hoffman said.                                                                                         

    There are high hopes for the team this year, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the team will succeed this weekend.

    “We’ve worked really hard and don’t have a lot of pressure, so we should be able to play loose and play our best. We have one of the toughest Regions so it’s going to be hard but it is doable. I believe in us,” Sullivan said.

    As for it being Heer’s last year, she is excited to end the  season on a good note.

    “The team has been really strong this year,” Heer said. “This has been a great season and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

 The team hopes to see everyone there supporting not only Heer and Sullivan, but the entire team who has put in a lot of time and dedication for this moment.