Girls’ soccer trains for upcoming season

The turf room as it is set up for after school conditioning

The turf room as it is set up for after school conditioning

Ally Barnhart, Staff Reporter

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Starting second semester, the De Soto girls’ soccer team is conditioning to get ready for the spring season. In soccer, the girls run up and down the field constantly, so conditioning is a big factor of staying in shape for the girls.
For sophomore Morgan Laplante, conditioning is a way to bond together as a team and become mentally and physically stronger.
“It helps us get to know each other and gel, so when we get on the field, it will show with good team chemistry,” Laplante said.
Many different activities are planned a day for the one-hour workout.
“We work with trainer Matt and coach King a lot,” Laplante said. “Then our seniors have stuff for us on the other days, ranging from ball work to stairs, running, ab work, etc.”

Junior Alex Schemmel tries to go to every conditioning workout after school as well as the others.
“Conditioning isn’t mandatory, but it is strongly recommended,” Schemmel said. “Almost all of the girls show up everyday and work hard.”
The girls plan on giving their complete focus and effort in conditioning to help have a successful season.
“Our goal has always been to win State, and we’re still pushing ourselves to get there,” Schemmel said.
The team will work their hardest to achieve these goals by participating in conditioning after school and working as a team.