DHS cheer prepares for upcoming competition

The De Soto High School cheer team performs on Freshman Day.

The De Soto High School cheer team performs on Freshman Day.

Kelly Henning, News Editor

As competition season closes in, De Soto High School cheer is working hard to prepare. DHS cheer will be competing against around 10 other schools in the Baldwin Cheer and Dance Festival on Feb. 11.

The cheer team started preparing for the competition in October, according to senior cheer captain Becca Clancy.

The biggest challenge the team has been presented with while preparing has been the size of the squad, which has almost doubled since last year’s competition.

“With a squad as big as ours it can be a challenge to find practices where the whole team is there to rehearse,” said DHS cheer coach Jackie Harwig. “It is truly a team effort and takes every single cheerleader to make it happen.”

Clancy also credits the large number of cheerleaders as being the biggest obstacle to overcome.

“Our routine is challenging and getting all of our girls and guys on the same level performance-wise is tricky,” Clancy said.

Clancy is extra motivated to do well at competition this year seeing as she is a senior.

“It’s my last year, and we are trying super hard to make this the best competition yet,” Clancy said.

Preparing hasn’t been all work and no play though. According to Clancy, the team took a break during their five-hour practice on Jan. 16 to play music and dance around, eat lunch, and cool down.

According to Harwig, the hard work of all the participants will pay off.

“It is unreal how hard they all work so hard for that two and a half minute routine, and it is totally worth it in the end,” Harwig said.