Nine commitments on signing day


Sydney Hoover

Recently committed student-athletes pose at the event on Feb. 4 during seminar.

Rex Templin, Editor in Chief

With the end of their high school careers approaching, many student athletes have decided to play at the next level at the college of their choosing. On Feb. 6, nine students officially committed to the college that was recruiting them by signing a binding document.

The football participants in the signing day were Aaron Neal, Sam Reigner, Nate Thompson, TJ Boatwright, and Cooper Lee.

Sam Reigner and Nate Thomspon both committed to Ottawa University, and plan on rooming together.

“I’m pumped to be rooming with the guy I threw the most passes to. It’s nice to have a built-in friend my first year of college,” Thompson said.

TJ Boatwright is planning on attending Fort Scott Community College, while Cooper Lee will go to Coffeyville Community college.

Senior Aaron Neal will go to Graden City Community College, and is very excited about it.

“it’s very exciting, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Neal said, “They have a really good program, a really good head coach. He came there from Indiana.”

Head Football Coach Brian King is happy for his athletes who are deciding to go to the next level.

“I think it represents our program really well. When you have that many guys go and play at the next level, it means you had a really good season,” King said.

On the other side of fall sports, Annie Schmucker has committed to Baker University to pursue a career as a cross country runner. Schmucker’s efforts have not been unnoticed by head coach Katie Wilber.

“[She’s] dedicated for sure. She puts her whole heart in it and she is a leader by example, and she works so hard. I don’t think we have a leader who works as hard as Annie,” Wilber said.

For baseball, De Soto High School Seniors Zach Bilek and Jared Drake have also committed to Butler County Community College and Central Methodist University, respectively.

Head coach Joel Thaemert is looking forward to the baseball team’s success with Bilek and Drake as leaders.

“I think they’ll both be very good for us, and very successful [this season]. Hopefully they have a great experience in college,” Thaemert said.

Lastly, Senior Kylie Corneliusen has committed to Neosho Community College to play volleyball at the next level.

“I’m excited and I can’t wait,” Corneliusen said.

While many players are excited about their opportunities at the next level, King has some words of advice to the student-athletes of 2016:

“In the past, we’ve had some kids that go and they’re there for a day or two or a week and get back. I want that to change. I want them to stick this out. If they’re gonna do it, do it. Finish the first season, at least, before they decide [to stay or not,]” King said.

As these student athletes go onto the next level, they will be challenging themselves academically, physically, and socially. By signing the forms on Feb. 6, they have committed to playing their sport in college, and accepting the lifestyle that comes with it.