Sophomore bowls perfect game


Emma Bascom, Opinion Editor

The most rare achievement, especially in sports, is perfection. In fact, it’s only theoretically possible in a few sports. In bowling, a 300 is something very few are able to say they have accomplished.

Sophomore Danny Erickson is one of those few.

On Feb. 19, Erickson bowled twelve strikes in a row. A perfect game.

“Not many people can say they’ve done it, and they are a lot better than me,” Erickson said.

Erickson has been bowling competitively on the De Soto High School team for two years. He finds bowling as more than competition, however. It is also a way for him and his father to bond.

“My dad is a better bowler than I am. I know he loves it, and I’m starting to love it even more. I know he enjoys watching me, and it’s something we can do together,” Erickson said.

Not only is bowling something Erickson and his dad can do to spend time together, friendly competition is also a part of the game.

“I was really happy for him, because he and his dad have had a race to get to 300 first. His dad got 299, so it was really exciting when Danny got a 300,” said sophomore Garrett Euler, Erickson’s friend and fellow bowler.

Exciting is definitely a word Erickson would use to describe the experience.

“After the first frame, I looked at [Euler] and just said ‘Eleven more to go!’ and after the sixth, I started realizing it was possible and couldn’t breathe very well. I couldn’t think. I just had to shut everything out. I couldn’t focus,” Erickson said. “On the last bowl, I didn’t throw a very good shot, but it struck. I turned around screamed with my arms in the air and ran. The first thing I did was hug my mom and dad and thank them … [they have] put in so much money, time, equipment, and support.”

From a coach’s perspective, the game was just as incredible, said head coach, Ed Wilcox.

“He got a lot of strikes. After about the sixth one, people started to notice that he had a good game going. When he hit the eighth strike, most everyone knew he was having a great game. By the ninth frame everyone was watching. On the 10th frame it was fairly crowded in that area of the alley. Each ball of the 10th frame was very exciting,” Wilcox said. “You wanted to cheer for the 10th and 11th strikes but not too loud because you didn’t want to distract him. After the 12th strike, it was a relief that he made it. There was a lot of cheering.”

Erickson’s bowling success doesn’t stop there, however. He has also broken several school records, including high game (300), and high series (709). He is also the first DHS bowler to qualify for state, which will take place in Wichita on March 5.

Erickson’s friends and coach agree that if he keeps up the hard work, dedication and love for the sport, he will continue to boost morale on the team, and show that practice really does make perfect.