Senior balances League track, State tennis and graduation in the same weekend


Senior Ben Zoller follows through on his backhand during the 4A Regional Tennis Tournament held at De Soto High School May 9.

Kelsea Burns, Opinion Editor

Senior tennis player Ben Zoller is also competing at League track and field and will be leaving right after on the same day to go to State tennis to compete May 16-17.

Zoller will be competing in long jump and triple jump at the League track meet on May 15. He is confident in placing at the meet both personally and as a school.

“I think I’ll win long jump,” Zoller said. “For League, I think De Soto has a good shot to win the whole meet overall.”

The meet starts at 3 p.m. and ends around 5 p.m. After the meet ends, head tennis coach Justin Hoffman will pick up Zoller and drive to Wichita where they will be staying the night before State tennis.

Zoller has also had previous conflicts between track and tennis.

“I’ve had three seperate days where I’ve had both a tennis meet and a track meet,” Zoller said. “But tennis comes first, so I go to tennis meets those days.”

Although Zoller currently prioritizes tennis over track, if he were to continue sports in college, he would continue with track.

“I jsut don’t know what college I’d be at if I do [continue to play sports],” Zoller said. “I would rather do track if I continued to into college.”

Zoller and his doubles partner senior Ramsey Mason are competing together at State tennis beginning on May 16 in Winfield.

“If we were to make it past the first day, we’ll also be playing on Saturday,” Zoller said. “We’ll have to make the decision as to whether we’re going to State or to gradution.”

Zoller thinks that there is a good chance that he and Mason will have to make that decision.

“There are some pretty good doubles teams, but I don’t think there are any that we couldn’t beat,” Zoller said. “Ramsey and I have a good shot at placing at State.”