Freshman surprises as starting varsity soccer player

Emma Bascom, Staff Reporter

Madison Plake is a quiet freshman—until you see her in her element. Playing soccer is something that Plake has been doing since kindergarten and continues to be her passion as she steps out onto the varsity field as a starter.

“I got started because my dad played. I love how aggressive the game is and I really enjoy all of the running,” Plake said.

Having Plake’s father coach her all of her life with mostly the same team, meant a big transition into the high school world.

“It was definitely different. This team sets up differently and I had to get used to how everybody played, but it’s fun now and the coaching styles are mostly the same,” Plake said.

Not only with the transition in mind, being a starting varsity member causes pressure, according to Plake.

“Since there’s other freshmen starting, it’s not as much pressure, but it’s still nerve-wracking. Especially before the first game, I was really nervous, but even though the nerves are still there. I get more excited now,” Plake said.

Instead of focusing on the stress she gets before games, Plake chooses to use the excitement and the energy when she plays, even with good teams down the road.

“We’re playing really good competition soon. I just hope that we can come out and play our best and hopefully at least tie, if not win,” Plake said.

Most of the starting freshman Plake has played with on her previous teams, which makes for a more comforting environment when she practices and plays.

“It’s really nice that I know how they play and we talk a lot at practices, but we also get to know some new people, which is exciting,” Plake said, “Honestly, I’m just ready for the rest of the season.”