Cheerleading squad succeeds at competition

Wildcat Photo

Cheerleading squad previews performance of their routine for competition. The squad received an overall "1" rating at Baldwin High School. The squad performed this for the school on Jan. 18, 2014 during the Queen of Winter Sports pep assembly.

Erin Sullivan, Staff Reporter

The De Soto High School cheerleading team competed at Baldwin High School and pulled off several awards that showcased their talent.

Overall, the team received a “I” rating, which is the highest rating a group can receive at competition. Along with the “I” rating, the team was also honored with a Judges Award for getting an eight out of 10 average on every aspect of their performance.

A choreography award and a jumps award was also awarded to the team for the best original choreography and the best jumps in their routine. Out of all of the teams that competed only a few other schools were given these awards.

“[Competing] was fun. It was good and nerve wracking, but it was the good kind of nerves, like butterflies,” senior co-captain Alex Deghand said.

To prepare for competition, the girls spent many hours practicing early in the morning before school as well on a few days off and some Saturdays. Although the girls thought practices were rough at times, the work that was put into them paid off with the results of the competition.

Not only did the girls believe they put their best foot forward in their performance, but they also left an impressive mark on the name of De Soto. While they were there the team showed the respect and politeness that is expected of a DHS student. Many compliments were given to the team because of this, and for the DHS cheerleaders, it made their success that much sweeter.

The cheer team typically competes every year during the winter season as well as during cheer camp during the summer. These competitions help the girls build up their skills and gain experience in the cheerleading field.