DHS cross country team runs its way to victory

Emily Herrington, Arts Editor

On Oct. 5, 2013, the girls’ cross country team placed first and the boys’ cross country team placed second in the small school division of the Kansas City Metro Championship.

“The KC Metro Championship is a huge meet. There’s approximately 45 teams and we were one of the smallest schools there,” head coach Chris McAfee said.

Senior Rebekah Burgweger said that the key to their success was being aggressive as a team and that they have striving towards that all season.

“We just make sure that we push ourselves and that we’re running together, in a pack, as long as we can,” Burgweger said. “A goal was to place in the top 10. We won the small class championship and got a huge traveling trophy.”

McAfee said that the amount of effort that they put into each race is the amount that they will gain in the end.

“The girls have had an outstanding act and have worked really hard. They’re willing to go out and do the things that we ask them to do,” McAfee said. “That transpired in them having a lot of success and confidence as they move forward.”

The boys have also been improving and finishing strongly throughout the season.

“They finished really well in all of the meets that we’ve been to,” McAfee said. “The guys are talented, they just need to improve on raising their confidence and aggressiveness in the race.”

The boys have been continuing to advance throughout the season and McAfee believes that they have had a rewarding running season.

“Our expectations are really high. So, the guys have had a very successful season. They’re just not where they could be,” McAfee said.