A setback for golfer Brittani Jenson


Shelby Philbrook

Junior Brittani Jenson prepares to drive the ball towards the hole at a meet on Sept. 26, 2012. During this golf season, she placed first at Regionals and fourth at State.

Kaylee Asher and Kaylee Asher

Junior Brittani Jenson recently had an upset in her golf career. As she was preparing for the upcoming golf season, she discovered that she would not be able to play for a year. While playing in August, she discovered that she had tore ligaments in her arm.

“I first hurt my wrist at Junior State Championships back in March in Topeka, but I just kept playing anyways. It really started hurting in August and thats when I decided to get it checked,” Jenson said.

Last year, Jenson placed first at the girls’ golfing Regional competiton. She then went on to place fourth at State. This year, Jenson was hoping to return to State this year to potentially win.

“This injury is really upsetting because I can’t start golfing until spring. I can’t wait to start again,” Jenson said.

Although this is an upset for Jenson, as she will not be able to compete this golf season, she does not intend on letting this setback hold her back.

“It was a huge shock to me at first, but at least I don’t have to stop golfing forever,” Jenson said.

Jenson intends on resuming golfing as  soon as she is capable of doing so. She wants to focus on enhancing her skills for the next golf season.

“I definitely plan on resuming golfing as soon as possible,” Jenson said.