Girls’ soccer closes regular season with another successful year

Emily Herrington, Staff Reporter

The De Soto High School girls’ soccer  regular season ended against Baldwin on May 10 with a win for DHS.  The team is looking forward to seeing its final improvements and total progress in the upcoming games.

“We’ve made a lot of improvement as a team. Their motivation and their inspiration has really increased. I think they’re going to be really successful with the end of the season,” assistant coach Melissa Stone said.

The team is happy with the way the season has gone so far with a 8-6 record in the regular season.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, but it’s been a good season over all,” senior Allison Stanley said.

A leading motivator for the girls has been the ability to see growth and advancements throughout the season.

“The team attitude has definitely grown from the start. I think that seeing their potential to qualify for State has been a huge factor of motivation for them,” Stone said.

The upperclassmen have been strong role models for the team as well, working hard with the underclassmen.

“We’ve had great leadership with the seniors. The dedication with the girls has just been some of the best that I’ve seen. They’ve really come in strong and have been a huge asset for the team,” Stone said.

They are all proud of the devotion that the girls have put into the season together. Every player has worked hard to maintain a successful season.

“Every day they show up and they want to work hard and they want to do well. That’s how you reach success,” Stone said.

After practicing regularly and showing improvement, the girls are excited to see how well they do during postseason.

“We’ve got a really good chance to go far. It’s just been a huge pleasure for me to work with these girls. They’re some of De Soto’s best,” Stone said.

The team earned a No. 4  seed at Regionals, which began on May 14 when the team faced off against Seabury Academy. Results from this game were not available before issue was printed.