Boys’ tennis has strong start to season

Emily Herrington, Staff Reporter

The De Soto High School boys’ tennis team has begun the season with success. They played three tournaments since early March and have consistently been showing improvement since then.

The boys played their first matches at the Washburn Invite in Topeka March 28. Freshman Luke Zoller finished 4-0 while playing singles and placed in first. His brother, freshman Alex Zoller, finished 3-1 and placed in fifth.

Juniors Ramsey Mason and Ben Zoller finished doubles with a record of 3-1. Senior Nick Hall and sophomore Dustin Williams played together for the first time, finishing 1-2 and placing in third.

They played at Highland Park  in Topeka on April 1 and began showing improvement in their team chemistry.

Luke placed second in singles with 2-1 while Alex also placed second in singles with 2-1. Mason and Ben placed first in doubles. Williams and Hall showed great teamwork and finished with 1-2, placed in third.

The boys played at the Paola round robin held at Gardner Edgerton High School on April 4, and gained great experiences as a team. They learned a lot about the differences between actual matches and practice while using their athletic ability to keep up with their opponents and learn from their mistakes.

Luke finished first with a record of 4-0 and Alex got first place finishing with 3-1 in singles. Ben and Mason placed thrid in doubles with 2-2 while Hall and senior James Newton placed fourth in doubles finishing with 1-3.

The team is constantly working to find combinations that are comfortable and work while playing, and that will be changing throughout the season. Their next matches will be on April 9 at Bonner Springs High School.