Junior Year: Is it really that bad?

Everyone always dreads their junior year of highschool, but my junior year taught me more than any other year of high school.


Ashlyn Hammel, Graphic Design Editor

Growing up, all of my friends and family always told me that junior year was the hardest year of high school. In my opinion, it is the best year of high school.

While many people argue it is the hardest year academically, I believe that is because so many people begin taking college-level classes in order to gain college credit in a cheaper way. Since I had already taken a couple honors classes in high school, I felt prepared, but I believe it would be a hard year for students if they had not taken an honors or advanced course before junior year. 

All throughout my junior year I have made a lot of friends, built strong connections with all of my teachers, and overall learned a lot. 

I have learned that asking a teacher for help is not a weak move, but rather a smart move. Without asking for help, I would have never been able to write my AP Language and Composition essays almost perfectly. 

Also, I learned the importance of using my seminar time wisely. Due to me turning sixteen over the summer, I was able to gain more hours at my job, so I had less time to do my homework. Before my junior year, I would use my seminar time to catch up with friends, eat snacks, and sometimes watch movies. Now, I use my time wisely and get most of my homework done in seminar. 

Finally, I learned to not let other people’s opinions determine my life. Before this year, I would be embarrassed if someone knew I was in band or newspaper or if they knew that I enjoyed math. Now, I simply explain the joy those three activities bring me and move on with my life, instead of overthinking or worrying about what they are thinking. 

Furthermore, my year at CTEC has been an amazing experience for me. I was able to learn more about graphic design, drawing, and client-based work. I worked with three clients, creating logos and style guides. Also, I was able to design a two page layout for the De Soto Explorer newspaper, which has led me to believing that newspaper designing is my passion. 

Overall, I have gained self confidence, learned the importance of working hard, and have matured greatly. On that note, I believe that junior year was my best year of high school and I do not regret anything.