How can one spice up their Holiday Traditions?

De Soto students share new ways to make the holiday season better.


Christmas Lights in Kansas

Sara Stephenson, Staff Reporter

The cold shrill from the weather finally appears as the winter season comes in. Those shorts worn in the height of summer turn into oversized coats and boats. 

As familiar traditions return the comfortability and nostalgia of certain winter activities–family events, holiday movie sprees, et cetera–might become a bore. So how exactly can you spice up that holiday season and make it better? The Kansas City area actually features an abundance of holiday spirit.

Junior Gracie Smith decided to incorporate her friends into regular family traditions.

“Every year my family and I would go to the Plaza and see the lights with the horse carriages. However, I have started to invite my friends,” Smith said.

Carriage rides at the Plaza are an iconic activity, and seeing the beautiful lights while riding a carriage is a popular tradition. Yet when a friend is added to the mix, familiar traditions become so much more enjoyable.

The rides at the plaza start at $80 dollars per 2 people, which is much more affordable when two broke high school students split the cost and share a carriage ride.

Plaza Lights | Kansas City's Country Club Plaza all lit up f… | Flickr
The iconic Christmas lights at The Plaza in KC, MO.

Sophomore friends, Kelsey O’Donnell and Sydney Moore set up games and challenges when it comes to exploring Christmas lights.

“Typically, we set up a sheet of us trying to look for certain Christmas light decorations. Whoever sees it first gets the point,” Moore said.

The two have been doing this tradition since they were in second grade. As they grow older and have more free range, they always try to adventure out of town to see what they can find.

“We always go down this one street called Candy Cane lane; that’s where we hit all the good stuff,” Moore said.

Christmas musicals and plays are always a good option during the winter season. However, sophomore Alayna Marovec and her family take the tradition to the next level, reviving formal dinners and chivalry 

Sophomore Alayna Marovec, and their family doing familiar Christmas outings.

“When we go, we always dress up with these long fancy dresses, go out for the fanciest dinner, and then all the men have to do the courtesy,” Marovec said.

Over the last few years they have done this, they typically see the same production, and with new actors, they always have a long discussion after it.