As Fall Begins “Gilmore Girls” Fans Binge the Series Again


Ashlyn Hammel, Graphic Design Editor

During the months of fall and winter “Gilmore Girls” always becomes popular because it is considered a comfort show for many people. 

The show debuted in 2000 and the seventh and the last season came out in 2007. Even though it is an older show it still continues to be a very popular show. 

“Gilmore Girls” follows the lives of a mom and a daughter. Lorelei (the mom) got pregnant with Rory (the daughter) when she was sixteen years old. Since she had Rory at such a young age they have a very loving and close relationship. Lorelei grew up with strict parents that always wanted her to follow their expectations. Lorelei’s main goal as a mother is to let her daughter be who she wants to be and she is always encouraging Rory to follow her dreams. 

This show is the perfect fall show because it brings a happy and warm feeling to fans. 

I rate it a 10/10 because it shows how hard life can be but also how you can come out of those hard times still on top. It is an inspiring show if you want to be a journalist or if you are struggling with finding yourself.

When I was seven years old, I began watching this show. Ever since then, I wanted to be in the newspaper at my high school. Without this show, I would have never found my passion for graphic designing newspapers. 

In the show Rory goes through the classic teenage drama of boys, bullies, and worrying about grades. This show can help people realize what is important and what is temporary as well as to let go of drama. Since fall is the beginning of school, it spreads an important message that grades are not everything. 

“Gilmore Girls” is a great show for girls to watch because of the exciting drama and life advice it brings and fall is the perfect season to become a Gimore Girl.